Super President is an Animated Series produced by DePatie-Freleng Enterprises. The series aired 20 episodes from September 16, 1967 to December 28, 1968.


"Super President! His power was born in a cosmic storm, every molecule, charged with might! Powers that allow him to change his molecule structure to steel, to granite, or whatever the need requires. The great desire to serve his country, in the cause of justice, has brought James Norcross to the highest office in the land as Super President. Super President!"


James Norcross, President of the United States, is granted superpowers by a cosmic storm. He uses these powers to further the cause of justice.



James Norcross, Super President

Main Cast

  • James Norcross, President of the United States
  • Jerry Sayles, his advisor


  • Steelman, a villian, made of steel!

Minor Characters



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