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Based on charactes from Disney's The Jungle Book, this animated adventure series reimagines the characters. The name of the series referes to a style of story telling or a pun on the term tailspin or the rapid descent of a aircraft into an non-recoverable steep spiral. The series originally ran from May 5, 1990 to August 8, 1991.



Baloo Von Bruinwald XIII - The series main protagonist, Baloo runs his own shipping buisness before it was rechristened "Higher for Hire".

Kit Cloudkicker - Baloo's orphaned 12 year old navigator.

Wildcat - Baloo's mechanic.

Louie- Owner of Louie's.

Rebecca Cunningham - Baloo, Kit and Wildcat's shrewed yet beautiful and attractive boss.

Molly Cunningham- Rebecca's adventurous, adorable and very beautiful 6 year old daughter.

Shere Khan - Wealthy buisness mogul, anti-hero and dominant economic force in Cape Suzette.

Don Karnarge - Leader of The Air Pirates.


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